PaxBooker is a solution for Aviation Charter Clients to easily manage passengers on scheduled charter flights. 

Easily manage hundreds of possible passengers that make use of regular charter flights in your operation. Allow passengers to book their own flights or you can book the flights for them. Last minute changes is easy without any calls to the operator.

Who can use it?
Aviation Charter Clients, Charter Operators and Charter Flight Passengers

Types of Charters?
Regular scheduled air charter flights transporting passengers.

How does it work?
The charter client adds or removes passengers to the predefined flight in an easy, logical manner. The system manages the seat availability to ensure that the aircraft is not overbooked. Charter clients can even authorize their passengers to make bookings for themselves and manage their own bookings through the online interface. Charter Operators use the interface to close a leg of a flight once the flight starts boarding and then download the passenger manifest from the system.


  • Passengers can be pre-authorized and manage their own travel or may be managed by an HR person.
  • Last minute changes can be easily managed.
  • Final passenger manifest available at the time the doors close.
  • Travel history available per passenger.
  • Better utilization of regular predefined charter flights.


ACME Milling uses SeatOfPants Charters with their Embraer 120 Aircraft and 30 seat capacity for making a regular run between Paloma Airport in San Diego to Barstow-Daggett Airport where they have a factory. The flights happen every Tuesday and Friday. These flight are for the use of employees and contractors and each employee may make use of the flights twice per month and contractors are loaded as required. The challenges are that ACME employs 750 people, of which 300 are allowed to make use of the flights. Their schedules are busy so there are often last minute changes to the passenger list. There is constantly frustration between ACME and SeatOfPants because of the many changes and quite often passengers are stranded because of overbooking. Contractors also need to make use of the charters which further complicates the issue.

Here is how this system resolves the issue for this example:

HR Administrator at ACME
Each employee is loaded on the Charter Booking System and receives an email with login instructions.
Flights are scheduled in advance on the Charter Booking System.
Each employee is authorized to use 2 return flights per one month schedule.

Employees of ACME
Each employee selects the flight that they want to book on from a list of available flights.
Bookings are tentative pending authorization.
A confirmation email is received upon final booking.

Operators of SeatOfPants
The charter operator logs in and closes the flight a few minutes before take-off.
The passenger list is finalized and printed by the operator.

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