Noproblem Systems have been doing bespoke software development, databases, cloud based solutions, web sites, systems administration, support and integrations for more than 20 years. We are therefore well suited to appraise candidates for their real skills in software development, firmware development, app development, systems administration, database administration and systems integration positions.

All the candidates that you finally interview can really code.

We have a full time recruiter focused on finding the candidates for a position and once a number of candidates are shortlisted through the initial screening process, they are interviewed and tested by a senior software / app / firmware developer, DB Admin or certified Salesforce administrator.

Not only do we test the skills of the applicants, we also have a good understanding of the personality required for coding positions.

The final candidates that are sent through for you to interview have not only been screened through normal processes, they have also been tested to have real skills and are real developers.

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Our Value Proposition

Step 1 – Marketing the Position

We advertise the position on a number of mediums including job boards and social media.

Step 2 – Short Listing Applicants

The best suited applicants are screened for the candidates shortlist. This may include an interview by a recruiter.

Step 2 – Interview with Developer

Candidates are interviewed by a developer to determine whether proficiency in the skill is shown. Candidates that do not show the skills during the interview are eliminated from the shortlist.

Step 3 – Test Project

Finally remaining candidates are given a short assignment in the skill that is required. They must complete and return the result to us. This assignment is a small real project that has to be completed.

The assignment is designed together with the employers in advance so that the outcome of the assignment can be used to further determine the best candidate.

Step 4 – Interview with Employer

Interviews are arranged with the Employer, the scores from the projects are also submitted.

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