We can easily provide you with an exact budget of the monthly costs of your custom solution when you provide us with your requirements. You can use the information below to get an idea of how much to budget for a Custom Web Solution and whether it is lucrative to make use of our services. This information is taken from the current average spend of our clients. Prices given below is the total rental cost per month, inclusive of hosting, support and maintenance and are given in South African Rand (Excl. VAT).


Simple solutions with custom features running as a web solution.s

Typical Properties

  • Less than 10 tables in the database
  • Less than 100K records
  • Less than 20 Users
  • Shared Hosting on VM


More complex solutions or more data or better uptime.

Typical Properties

  • 10-30 tables in the database
  • 100K-500K records
  • 20-50 Users
  • Shared Hosting on VM / Azure Hosting


Complex or large solutions with high availability

Typical Properties

  • 10-100 tables in the database
  • 500K-100M records
  • 20-1000 Users
  • Azure Hosting
  • Load Balancing
  • Cloud Replication

Please note that you should not use these figures for any calculations, always contact us, discuss your requirements and we will quote you an exact amount.

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